The White Desert (Maranhão, Brasil)

Deserts are beautiful but they can also seem very threatening because of the stories that describe them. The hot sun, the snakes, the heavy sand to walk in, no water, no clouds, hallucinations and death. Yes, that’s how most people know the desert. But the Maranhenses National Park is like a desert, only it’s super beautiful and it has small lakes with clear water.

It’s almost like some sort of paradise for desert travelers. It is located in northeastern Brazil and it’s about 1000 square kilometers. The funny thing is that has no vegetation even though it has water and rain. Its status is very protected so there are no vehicles allowed, and you can only entrance the park with a 4-wheel drive truck.

In the waters of this desert you can find fish which has their eggs brought by sea birds. It has actually inhabitants that use the desert to fish, but when it’s dry season they go nearby to work at the farmer fields. All in all the white sand and the blue water is really stunning and worth visiting. Other amazing places in deserts are this beautiful oasis of Crescent Lake.

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